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Welcome to the World Of The Territory..!!
It is said that, the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness. Well, we share this thought and hence for all those who have never been to a wilderness or have not been able to comprehend the beauty of it, we give you ‘the Territory’, your perfect tutor to absorb all these experiences. So, get ready to experience the spills, thrills and chills of Mother Nature !!!

the Territory,
# An Indian venture which helps you to explore India’s nature and jungles, estimated to include as much as 70% of the Worlds biodiversity..!!

# We take the worries and hassles of your nature outing whereby you can relax knowing that ‘the Territory’ will put together the perfect itinerary that’s right for you..!!

# Here we offer you the rare treasures of rich and exotic flora and fauna of India together with luxury and sincere effort to exceed your expectations.




"The Health of the tiger is the hope of our environment and the complete nation should unite to ensure that the spirit of the Indian jungle is preserved.
The tiger, at the apex of the biological pyramid of the eco system, helps maintain a balance in nature.
It is also pertinent to remember that mankind has no right to create a slot - far less of as important a species as the tiger , in the natural system."


- Kailash Sankhala



Big Cats Of India by Nachiket Utpat

CATS.....scientifically grouped under the family Felidae, have always manage to grab our eyeballs as humans. It is their sheer grace of movements, precarious stealth when they stalk and a royal demeanor of their presence which could be touted to be the reasons for it. Yet for a common man it is a cuddly little purring domesticated animal as opposed to the fact that they are actually classified into about 40 different species genetically displaying a great diversity in their sizes and just one of them is the regularly encountered House Cat.
However in any order of animals when it comes to reputation, size does matter and that’s precisely why the Big Cats, as they are informally referred to, stand out in the Cat Family. In general the group includes Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard and sometimes the Snow Leopard too, but a more expansive version may also include the Clouded Leopard, the Puma and the Cheetah. However the latter are not true Big Cats due to their inability to roar. The Snow Leopard although cannot roar, genetically belongs to the same genus as the other big cats and hence is a part of this family. India is blessed to house 4 out of these 5 or 3 out of the 4, if one excludes the Snow Leopard owing to its inability to roar, Big Cat species. Whatever the case, our rich biodiversity and geographical distribution of prey species makes it possible for the Tiger, the Lion, the Leopard and the Snow Leopard to survive in our country with just the Jaguar missing from this list as its only found on the South American continent.  A look...

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Pench National Park.

It was our first jungle safari as a family. And thanks to 'The Territory' for making it lifetime memorable through their excellent management and knowledge about wildlife.

Throughout the jungle safari Karan and his team were enthusiastic to show and feel the jungle, by sharing their immense knowledge and experiences about each and every element of the jungle. So much information was shared about tigers in Pench, tiger family, their hard lifestyle etc. that we were mesmerized.

Hats off to the commitment, enthusiasm and passions shown by Karan throughout the tour.

We highly recommend ‘The territory’ to everyone looking for an absolute unique and memorable jungle safari experience.

- Shweta Gujar.

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