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Snow Leopard Expedition

Elusive, rare, exceptional are terminologies used pretty loosely these days but if it was one animal that personifies all these, it is the Snow Leopard. Getting a glimpse of this secretive beast is a dream for many a wildlife lovers. India is extremely lucky that this vulnerable species has managed to survive here. With these dwindling numbers and the remote habitat they are found in, its no wonder that Snow Leopards are often referred as the “Ghosts of the Mountains”. Their rarity can only be comprehended by the fact that it is difficult to see one even in a zoo. However with our behavioral understanding and expert tracking coupled with some of your luck, this dream sequence can be a reality. The hard earned reward of this patient and somewhat challenging expedition can be a monumental one and we give you this once in a lifetime opportunity to get a first hand experience of watching a Snow Leopard is its own natural habitat.

Best Season – November To February


Destination- Spiti , Ladakh

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