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Forest Owlet Special

Nature presents some of the most remarkable stories in the world but few would be as fascinating and as cinematic as the story of the Forest Owlet. The Forest Owlet that was first described in the late 19th century was considered extinct after a handful of sightings. Reported sightings continued in the early 20th century but all of them turned out to be fake or confused with the similar looking and commonly found Spotted Owlet. It was only at the fag end of the 20th century, precisely in 1997, after a long 113 years, that an American ornithologist by the name Dr.Rasmussen rediscovered it when she realized that the search for this bird all these years was based on incorrectly depicted pictures and that the always existed in Central India. Thus, the Forest Owlet was “reborn” and instantaneously shot to fame due to this lost and found story. We at the Territory give you this eyeballs grabbing opportunity to get a chance to witness this superlative bird. After all the percentage of people world over having seen this bird in the wild is only a handful!!


Best Season – October to June

Destination-Mumbai and Amravati,Maharashtra

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