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Turtle Festival

Natural phenomenons are most enjoyed when observed first hand. Watching a bird feeding its young or a larvae transforming into a butterfly are just a few examples of it. One of such events of new generation of a species crawling their way to life and freedom is observed on the beaches of India. So let’s have a ride to a Beach where, besides the beauty and calmness of serene water, a unique behavior of nature can be witnessed very closely. Some beaches of Maharashtra are very less explored, where every year hundreds of eggs, laid by Olive Ridley Turtles hatch. The journey some of these turtles embark on to get to these beaches is quite astonishing. Its a very unique view where such a large number of tiny turtles crawl towards the sea, as soon as they come out of their protective shell. Its a very rare sight...where sometimes you even get a chance to drop these Tiny creatures to their home...safely..!! So join the Territory is visiting the Coastal belt of India to witness this wonder of nature...!All those who love exploring Nature and its Secrets...are kindly invited to join us and take a pleasure of witnessing one of Nature's Wonder...!

Best Season – February To April


Destination- Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

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