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Valley of Flowers

The Western ghats and the Sahyadri ranges boasts of the searing waterfalls and the rocky cliffs, but it also lays out lush carpets of plateaus and the most noteworthy of them is the * Kaas Plateau *. A spectrum of colours in the monsoon, Kaas plateau turns into a Valley of Flowers in the month of August/September.

Kaas withholds more than 850 species of flowering plants, 624 of which have entered the Red Data Book and 39 out of these 624 are only found in Kaas. It is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since innumerable endemic, endangered and exotic plants are found on this plateau. The sheer vibrance of these flora and the various insects and birds attracted to them makes Kaas an whole ecosystem worth visiting.We are pleased to be your escorts to this world heritage site with a motive of spreading awareness about this wonderland that not many around us are aware of!!!


Best Season – September to October

Destination-Satara,, Maharashtra

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