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Wild Cats Of India

Cats are the one of the most attractive species on the planet and with such a large variety in their sizes and appearances each of them has evolved to survive in their own way. The big cats, as we fondly call them, walk away with the ‘showstopper’ prize owing to their considerable size and their remarkable ability to take down large prey. India is home to three out of the four big cat species, a fact not many countries can lay claim to. The western part of India, in the Indian state of Gujarat, is home to the Asiatic lions, found nowhere else in the world. Move your focus a bit further north, and lying deep in the small town of Bera on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan, is a leopard paradise. These otherwise elusive big cats have slipped out of their secretive nature when it comes to these hillocks in Bera. Probably one of the most picturesque places to see and photograph a leopard in the world, Bera has just started gaining its reputation. Speaking of reputations, the Ranthambore National Park and its keystone species the Bengal tiger is probably the best-known of all India’s National Parks. This vast wilderness which was once ruled by the Maharajas now contains beautiful animal grounds and tigers have claimed back their lost territory. Machali, undoubtedly the most famous wild tiger in Ranthambore and perhaps the world, has made sure that the tiger legacy in this park continues. In this one of a kind trip we give you the possibility to witness these three big cats in their natural habitat in the span of just a few days.

Best Season – November To June


Destination- Gujarat, Rajasthan

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