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Amboli - Gokak


Located on the Ghataprabha River in Karnataka, the gigantic water body of Gokak Falls is something to behold during monsoon season. Over the sandstone cliffs, amidst a picturesque gorge of the rugged valley, approximately 170 feet tall and spreading more than three times its height, the Gokak Falls could be a miniature version of the great Niagara Falls.


Not many places in India allow you to get up close and personal with such varied specimens of fauna, be it aviation masters, crawling critters or buzzing butterflies, Amboli has it all. Wrapped in dense wilderness, Amboli comes alive in the monsoon  season when the area is filled with waterfalls and mist. Best known for the Malabar gliding frog and Malabar pit vipers, Amboli, located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, has surprises found around every corner.



Location: Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India


Min = 10 °C

Max = 32 °C

Avg. Rainfall: 7500 mm

When to Go: Monsoon (June to September)

Nearest City: Sawantwadi

Nearest Airport: Belgaum

Nearest Railhead: Sawantwadi

GOKAK falls

Location: Konnur, Belgaum,

Maharashtra, India

Type: Ledge Waterfall

Total height: 52 meters (171)

Average width: 177 meters (581 feet)

Watercourse: Ghataprabha River

When To Go: Monsoon (July to October)

Nearest City: Belgaum

Nearest Airport: Belgaum

Nearest Railhead: Gokak Road


Min = 14 °C

Max = 40 °C

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