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Herp Trails

A look at the history of humankind, jotting down every suborder of animals man has ever encountered/ interacted, would give you a pretty long list. But rearrange the list in the order of fear and Snakes would definitely be there at the top somewhere. Probably the most feared, yet revered and surrounded by the most possible myths!! The reality though is pretty contradicting and far from the myths. They are probably the most vital chain in the ecosystem especially in an Agriculture driven country like India as they keep the rodents in check. The Territory is happy to layout this unique plan where we give you this opportunity to rendezvous these slimy, slithery creatures including Geckos, Frogs, Toads, Lizards in addition to Snakes in their natural habitat to drop all the inhibitions and myths and appreciate their beauty. After all the difference between “Scary” and “Beautiful” is knowledge and with our herptile experts you will surely come back in admiration for these creatures.

Best Season – June To September


Destination- Western Ghats-Karnataka , Maharashtra , Goa

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