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About Us

Our History

We began as a group of self-motivated and like-minded individuals with a deep respect for Mother Nature and a common goal of helping her to prosper. But how was this achievable? It was important for us to lay a foundation for people to rendezvous with nature and its inhabitants. In 2015 we decided to set up a venture to promote ecotourism and the Territory was born. Today, thanks to our diversified team of experts, we have dealt with a wide array of clients, each with their own dream vacation in mind. We want to continue this good work and offer you a renewed experience each time you choose to travel with us.

Our Vision

Our vision at the Territory is to build a sustainable relationship between man and nature. This can only be possible if both parties comprehend, respect and support each other. Nature has been doing its part perfectly well all this time, and it’s time we start doing the same. This can only happen if we get a first-hand account of the beautiful nature around us; we pledge to bridge this gap and be the torchbearers for responsible ecotourism.

Our Mission

•  Create much needed social awareness for Mother Nature’s flora & fauna by escorting people to the richness  of nature through Eco-Tourism

•   Allow people to gather knowledge about nature & wildlife

•   Build a community that ensures sustainable growth for the exotic natural jewels of nature

• Conduct social events that encourage people to challenge problematic areas that hamper the growth & sustainability of our flora & fauna.

Why to choose us ?

  • Dealing only in bespoke travel services - your plan, your date, your gang,  your unforgettable destination!

  • Nature outings with the ability to focus on key species

  • First hand experience of accommodation

  • Skilled Itinerary design

  • Expert naturalists with on-tour knowledge sessions 

  • Sumptuous SUV drives and bike rides

  • On tour Nature checklist with easy identification and knowledge sharing

  • Homely Hospitality

  • Matching safari to your expectation

  • Active Participation in social awareness programs, conservation events & photography exhibitions

  • Exclusively planned photographic tours

  • Fully Insured

  • Most of our clients come to us by personal referral

  • Many returning year after year

Value for Money

A product can only be as good as its price and in today’s world, quality definitely precedes over cost. The Territory, upholds this ideology and if one has to compare, it may seem our trips to be tad bit over priced, however not many provide the flexibility and the feasibility that allows you to choose your date, your gang and your destination when it comes to wildlife outings. The whole trip is tailor made for you after carefully planning it according to your specifications. There isn’t a minimum number of people criteria and even a couple can plan a trip with us. No matter the number, exclusivity in our trips can never be compromised. For Wildlife outings, we have unshared Gypsy safaris that allow you to enjoy every moment on it without having not rush. Our Naturalists, Instructors or Volunteers are more than capable when it comes to domain expertise and we assure you, you would definitely gain more than you pay from the trip. Top it with our on tour knowledge sharing sessions and presentations, and you would have a wholistic view of the wilderness and its inhabitants, you are visiting. If you plan for a weekend road trip, our fleet of SUVs(Pajeros) is always at your disposal to make it a memorable journey and nowhere is the quality compromised. And lastly, all these are possible due to our excellent ground staff and on field team members because our destinations, unexplored for you, are well known to these people and they make sure you feel at home.

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