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Star Gazing Festival

It is probably even hard to guess, let alone get an actual count of, the number of stars in the sky when one takes a glance. The fact that these are only from our galaxy and that there are uncountable such galaxies in the universe tells us how tiny our planet is and more so even tinier are we who live on it. It is literally a world on its own and with so much to explore, it is not surprising that Stargazing is an activity that many are awestruck about. We at the Territory give you this unique opportunity to fathom about some of these shining lights in the sky camping under it with our experts at your side to make an attempt to understand and enjoy a superlative stargazing experience. Understanding their positions and learning a tad bit about their importance, we assure you that you will comeback from one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime when stargazing with us. So come, join us today at the Territory for a special stargazing tour and get drowned in these amazing secrets of the universe.

Best Season – November To May


Destination-Western Ghat,Maharashtra

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