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King Cobra Special

India is home to many a distinctive species, and few are as noteworthy as the longest venomous snake in the world, the King Cobra. Few snakes in the world instill as much fear as this serpent. Reaching lengths of up to a dozen and a half feet long and standing up as tall as a grown man to look him in the eye, the King Cobra is definitely a heart pounding aspect to encounter. Such is the reputation of this serpent that many a myths and folklore have been focused on it, however majority of them are a fallacy. Unlike this reputation the snake in reality is probably the last one to cause a snake-human conflict and prefers seclusion with very less snake bite fatalities in the country. With the constant pressure of habitat destruction and many falling prey to illegal hunting for trading, this beautiful serpent is in need of serious conservation. The Western Ghats is one of the last strongholds of this Snake and the forests of Agumbe is its hotspot. Join us on this special itinerary, on our quest to get you up close and personal in this King’s own backyard. So drop all your inhibitions and get on board on this one of its kind trip with the Territory!!


Best Season – July to September


Destination-Agumbe, Karnataka

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