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 Marine National Park

Mother Nature has gifted India with some amazing biodiversity and the Marine National Park stands testimony to it. Situated in the Gulf of Kutch, this place is a quintessential world on its own. Home to some of the exquisite marine life in the country it stands quite tall amongst the Nature destinations in the country due to its uniqueness. Approximately 30 odd species of Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps and other crustaceans are found here in addition to the Snails, the Spiders, the Shrimps and the Slugs, which are quite noteworthy. But the most attractive of them are the Sponges and some 70 odd different species of sponges survive here. Roughly 50 species of coral including both hard and soft survive here and coelenterates like the jellyfish, Portuguese Man of War and Sea Anemones also call this place their home. With all this said, one could also be lucky to see Dolphins and Whales here too. The Crab Plover, a keystone bird species of this National Park is also a star attraction and many a birders visit this place specifically for it. All and it is world of glorious creatures, creatures that are seldom seen on regular nature outings and hence a visit to this wonderland with the Territory would surely satiate a Nature Lover’s hunger.

Best Season – October To March


Destination- Jamnagar, Gujrat

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