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Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Special

Endemic species are always a star attraction and their endemism to a limited area makes them so special. One such species endemic to the Indian Subcontinent and to parts of Southeast Asia is the beautifully colored Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher. Commonly referred to as the ODKF, this particular Kingfisher species is special owing to its attractive combination of red and yellow with bluish-black upper parts. Over all our years of experience wandering through India has enabled us to identify key spots where one can regularly encounter this bird however due to its habitat sensitivity it is key that it is observed adhering to a few important points and we give you this chance to witness this magnificent bird under the able guidance of our Naturalists, who will not only educate you about this unique species but also make sure that necessary sanity is maintained when viewing it. So come join us today for this special itinerary!!!


Best Season – July to October

Destination-Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

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