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Nagzira National Park

Located between the Bhandara and Gondia districts of northeastern Maharashtra, the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is 152 of picturesque landscape and lush vegetation. In 2012, the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary was joined with the Navegaon National Park to form the Nagzira-Navegaon tiger reserve (NNTR). The sanctuary boasts a wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Nagzira is considered to be a birding paradise, housing about 15 species of migratory birds and 42 species of local migrants. One remarkable bird, the bar headed goose, is a winter migrant from Ladakh and Tibet  which inhibits the Chorkhamara tank located adjoining the sanctuary.


Location: Bhandara & Gondia, Maharashtra, India

Area: 285

Vegetation : Southern Tropical Dry  Deciduous Forests


Min = 5 °C

Max = 49 °C

When To Go: October to June

Nearest City: Gondia

Nearest Airport: Nagpur

Nearest Railhead : Gondia

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