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Mhadei WLS

The Indian states of Goa and Karnataka are second to none when it comes to their fauna variety. The Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa is another one of those habitats where birders would have a gala time. Apart from its mammalian activity, which although decent enough, isn’t it’s real reputation gainer, it hold its own when it comes to Herptiles and Birds. Continue down further south and this green oasis which forms a continuous belt along the Western Ghats in Karnataka, now develops into the Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve which has recently been named as the Kali Tiger Reserve. Equal to the Mhadei forest when it comes to the avifauna activity, these woods of Karnataka are home to the Lorises and the Flying Squirrels as well. The Hornbills in these forests walk away with majority of its limelight and the Dandeli Anshi Wilderness is a must visit. Resuming the southward travel, we have, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, a terrain that is best described by its Green cosmos just like many other wildernesses in southern India. Being surrounded by the steep slopes of Mullayanagiri, Hebbegiri, Gangegiri and Bababudangiri hills makes this protected area a land locked animal paradise.


Location: Mhadei, Goa, India

Area: 208

Type of Forest : Semi and Evergreen forest


Min = 8 °C

Max = 40 °C

When To Go: All round the year

Nearest City: Belgaum

Nearest Airport: Belgaum

Nearest Railhead : Belgaum

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