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Parambikulam / Annamalai Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam – Anamalai


The Parambikulum Tiger Reserve stretches for a vast 643 along the Western Ghats and Anamalai Sub-Cluster. This one-of-a-kind dense evergreen forest is home to a 450 year old teak tree. The fauna in the reserve consists of the exotic lion-tailed macaque, 39 other species of mammals, 268 species of bird, 61 species of reptiles including the rarities such as the king cobra and the Western Ghats flying lizard.


ANAMALAI – Indira Gandhi National Park

Named after the former Prime Minister of India, the Indira Gandhi National Park is located in the Anaimalai Hills of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and comprises 958 Besides its many Least Concern & Threatened species of mammals, over 250 species of birds, approx 315 species of butterflies and over 2,000 species of plants (of which about 400 species are of prime medicinal value) are found here.



Location: Palakkad, Kerala, India

Area: 643.66

Type of Forest: Wet Evergreen Forest


Min = 8 °C

Max = 40 °C

When To Go: April to February

Nearest City: Palakkad

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore

Nearest Railhead :Coimbatore


Location: Coimbatore, Kerala, India

Area: 958

Type of Forest: Wet Evergreen Forest


Min = 8 °C

Max = 40 °C

When To Go: April to February

Nearest City: Pollachi

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore

Nearest Railhead :Coimbatore

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