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Fort Treks

India has a rich legacy of dynasties when it comes to political governance right from as early as the 12th century. Every dynasty to have ruled India or part of it had built their empires on strong paramilitary forces and impeccable defenses. The foundation of these defenses used to heavily rely on how inaccessible the ruler was for his nemesis. The Indian rulers who had built their empires to rebel against the various invasions India has had so far made sure they used their home advantage to maximum effect. That’s when forts came into the existence as the locals had a great know how of the area and the routes making it easier for guerrilla warfare. Rajasthan, Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh all have had their fair shares of forts. Forts that now have become tourist destination to decipher how the empires were ruled. Maharashtra is surely a front runner when it comes to such forts, thanks to the founder of the Marathe Empire, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, a master tactician in guerrilla warfare. With a whooping 350 forts approximately in Maharashtra people around the globe are now attracted to these forts for various reasons like legacy, pride, architecture and governance. We ensure you get all of that with utmost care that none of these historical monuments are tampered and creating awareness about these.  (Photos by Amey Kanitkar)

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