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Fireflies Festival

The definition of a perfect camping getaway for most people means being cut off from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle spending accompanied by Nature’s serenity. The Fireflies Festival is one such perfect example. Fireflies are basically insects which display the bio-luminescence character!! They actually throw out fluorescent green light from the body to attract their mate. This phenomenon of natural lighting is so mesmerizing that at times one can experience fireflies flashing the light in large numbers which is one of the best natural sights to behold. Camping in such a setting is truly mesmerizing and we at the Territory have brought you this experience with our trained experts. Trees filled with these fireflies, sometimes thousands of them, light up the entire scene and with no other source of light around. Every nature lover in this part of the country craves for this experience and this event is truly celebrated as a festival. So come join us for this Nature’s amazing spectacle


Best Season – May End & June


Destination-Nashik and Kolhapur,Maharashtra

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