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Flamingo Special Trips

Nature always finds its unique way to surprise you and one doesn't always have to take that long journey to discover these treasures. The Flamingos, form the crux of attraction for most people who visit Bhigwan, as they visit this place in the winter, however in reality the place has so much more to offer apart from Flamingos. The Bar-headed Geese, one of the highest flying birds in the world, have also been recorded here. Also known as mini Bharatpur, Bhigwan is a small dusty town on the border of Pune and Solapur district. The backwaters of the Ujani Dam on the Bhima River provide an excellent and ideal spot for several migratory birds. At Bhigwan, many kinds of Waders like the Herons, Curlews, Storks, Ibises, Plovers are a plentiful, in addition to the Raptors, DucksEgrets, etc. Variety of birds at Bhigwan gives of sighting of almost all the prime bird species there and also creates great photographic opportunities for wildlife photographers. At times, 1,000-1,200 flamingos are seen Although low rains and low water level has now reduced the number of flamingos over some years, it is still a hotspot spot for migratory birds, with more than 230 species found here. There would hardly be a birder in Western India and especially Maharashtra who hasn’t visited Bhigwan.

Best Season – December To March


Destination- Solapur, Maharashtra. Bhuj, White Rann and LRK, Gujarat.

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