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Gir National Park

Gir National is the last place that Asiatic lions can be found in the wild. The park comprises 1,412 of deciduous forest, interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, acacia, scrub jungle, grasslands and rocky hills. Gir has about 400 lions and 300 leopards, making it one of the major 'big cat' concentrations in India. For over 150 years, Asiatic lions have remained confined only to Gir after the Nawab of Junagadh took strong conservation measures to protect them, leading to a growth in the lion population. Even today, thanks to the people who live in this area, Gir has one of the best conservation stories in the world.


Location: Junagadh, Gujarat, India

Area: 1412

Type of Forest : Dry Deciduous Forest


Min = 10 °C

Max = 43 °C

When To Go: November to May

Nearest City: Junagadh

Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad

Nearest Railhead : Junagadh

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